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I am completely confident that this course will be a GAME CHANGER for you when it comes to details photos - so confident, in fact, that I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you download all the course files, watch all the videos, fill in the entire workbook, implement what you learn, and don't see any results from this course, I am willing to give you all of your money back: No questions asked. But, I have full confidence that won't happen because I know what this course can do for your details photos. This education WORKS. It's not only worked for me, but for all of my past course students.

What People Are Saying:

Where do I begin!!!!! I love taking detail photos for my brides on their wedding day, but I felt as though I needed to find a more efficient and elevated way to shoot them. When I came across Stephanie's course, I KNEW that I needed it!!! One of the things I struggled with most was efficiency. I used to spend almost an HOUR photographing my brides details. Now, I have a workflow to take with me to my weddings that will allow me to efficiently and creatively take detail photos and also be able to spend more time with my bride! It's a WIN WIN!!! Stephanie is so easy to listen too, she gets right down to what matters most, and is concise in sharing what is important for shooting detail images (no fluff, just the good stuff!). I am a total fan of this course and am happy that I have the PDF workbook to look back on when I need a quick reminder!

Laura Eddy Photography

This course was so helpful!! I've been shooting for a few years now but I'm confident that I'll be upping my detail game now that I have taken Stephanie's course!! She gives such practical and creative tips and is super encouraging throughout. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone- whether you're just starting out or a few years into business! Before the course I struggled with knowing what styling elements to add into detail shots and how to get a lot of variety in a short period of time. You definitely walk away knowing BOTH after taking Stephanie's course! The best things about the course was how practical it was. After the straightforward content you get to see Stephanie in action and it just brings it all together! For a visual learner like myself, that was super helpful!

Monica Brown Photography

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